Bamboo Princess Fairy Tales from Japan

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Once, in a village in the land of Italy, there lived an old man and his wife. They have no children. They want to have children. Every night, they pray to the god to be given a child. However, the gods did not give him either.

The old man works as a bamboo lumberjack. He cut and chopped bamboo, then sold it to the city.

One day, when he was about to cut down bamboo, the old man saw a beam of light in the thick bamboo. He approached the light. The light turned out to come from a bamboo stick.

Carefully, the old man split the glowing bamboo. Inside the bamboo trunk, the old man found a baby.

With pleasure, the old man picked up the baby and took him home. He told his wife how to find that beautiful baby. The old man’s wife was very happy. They believe the baby is the answer to their prayers so far.

Because they found the baby girl in a bamboo, they gave her the name of the Bamboo Princess. They treat Putri Bambu well and full of love.

As the years passed, Putri Bambu grew into a charming girl. Not only beautiful, but she is also a kind girl and likes to help parents.

From then on, the life of the old man and his wife became better. This is the result of their prayers and efforts.

The moral message of the Bamboo Princess Tale is to pray to God and work hard so that your wishes come true. After praying, be a good child and like to help parents. Because God loves children who like to help parents.

Fairy Princess Bamboo Story 2: The Bamboo Princess and the Five Princes

The news about the beauty of the Bamboo Princess began to spread throughout the country. The youths came from various regions to see the beauty of the Bamboo Princess.

Five princes admire the beauty of the Bamboo Princess. They want to marry the Bamboo Princess and bring her to their palace. Then, they sent a letter of application to the old bamboo-cutting father.

Putri Bambu does not want to get married. Because, if married he must leave the old father and his wife. Putri Bambu wants to take care of both parents forever.

He also sought a reason to reject the applications of the five princes. He had to gently reject them. If not, his life and the lives of his parents could be threatened.

“Tell them to come,” Putri Bambu said to her father. “I will propose conditions that are difficult for them to fulfill.”

On the agreed day, the five princes came to the Bamboo Princess’s home simultaneously. They are very happy. They carry a variety of jewelry, such as gold and gems. All princes wished he could marry the Bamboo Princess.

When the five princes gathered, Princess Bambu gave each prince a condition. The first prince got the condition to go to India and find a large stone bowl left by the Buddha. The second prince had the condition to take a golden tree branch that grew floating on Mount Horai.

Then, the third prince was asked to make a rope from the skin of a fire rat. The fourth prince was asked to bring him a necklace from the neck of a sea dragon. Finally, the fifth prince was given a condition to bring peanut shells hidden by the swallow in his nest.

The five princes were very excited to fulfill the requirements proposed by Putri Bambu. All the conditions are only a strategy of the Bamboo Princess so that the five princes will not marry her.

The moral message of the Bamboo Princess Tale Story Collection is If you refuse something, try not to offend the person who is rejected. Sometimes, the way we refuse determines the attitudes of others towards us.

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