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Children’s Short Stories About Honesty: Missing Princess Jewelry
One day, the princess got a dinner invitation from a neighboring royal princess. He also wore his best dress.

Do not forget, he will also wear his favorite luxury jewelry. He did not want to be outdone by the other princesses present.

However, how shocked the king’s daughter was. He did not find the jewelry box in the usual place he kept it.

“Where have all my jewelry gone? Who dares to steal it?” the king’s daughter shouted.

Hearing his daughter lost the jewelry box, the king immediately ordered the Prime Minister to investigate.

“The king’s daughter’s room is very tightly guarded, and there are guards at the door of the room. There is no way a thief can enter. Unless the thief is the princess’s closest person,” murmured the Prime Minister who began investigating. He also called three caregivers of the king’s daughter.

“Did you see the princess’s jewelry?” the Prime Minister asked the oldest caretaker.

“Indeed, every day I see it. But really, let alone take it, touch it, I dare not,” answered the oldest white-haired caregiver.

The caregiver has been caring for the princess since the king’s daughter was a baby. He loved the king’s daughter. There was no way he would dare to disappoint the king’s daughter.

The Prime Minister turned to the second caregiver.

“I did see it because every day I cleaned the princess’ room. But, I did not dare touch the jewelry box,” answered the second caregiver.

The Prime Minister then turned to the last caregiver.

“Every day, I see a princess jewelry box. But I know, the princess loves her jewelry. I dare not touch, let alone take it,” said the third caregiver.

Hearing the explanation of the three caretakers of the king’s daughter, the Prime Minister finally concluded that the king’s daughter was at fault. He was careless in putting his jewelry box carelessly. The Prime Minister also decided to punish the king’s daughter.

Knowing the king’s daughter will be punished, the oldest caretaker claimed.

“Please, don’t punish the princess. I hid the jewelry box. I heard the news that there will be robbers blocking the princess. So, I deliberately hid the princess’s jewelry box, so that the princess would not go to the neighboring kingdom. I’m afraid, the princess’s safety is threatened, “explained the oldest caregiver.

After hearing the recognition of the oldest caregiver, the Prime Minister forgave him. He requested that the princess jewelry box be returned immediately. The princess will also continue to attend dinner, but with a strict guard.

The words of the oldest caregiver are true. On the way, there was a group of robbers blocking the princess of the king. But, thanks to the strict royal escort of the princess, the group of robbers could be captured.

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