Fable children’s stories: Ants and Elephants

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Short Fable children’s stories: Ants and Elephants
The afternoon sun was very bright. The ant colony chose to stay at home. They want to relax while enjoying food supplies.

Suddenly, the earth seemed to sway. The ant colony panicked.

“Earthquakes! Earthquakes !!” all the ants shouted. They flocked out of their nests which were in the ground,

But once out, they were shocked. There is a herd of elephants who are looking for food there.

Yes! It was not an earthquake, but the act of the elephants.

Seeing that, the ant colony chief was angry. “Hi, Elephant. Get out of here! This is our area!” sera ant colony chief.

“Hahaha! Are you kidding, Little Ant? This forest is public property, so anyone can come here,” answered the chief of the elephant herd.

“But, we first stayed in this place!” the ant colony chief replied.

However, elephants do not care. They consider ants to be little animals. The herd of elephants continues to eat. They did not even hesitate to destroy the ant colony home. As a result, the ant colony must run helter-skelter so as not to be trampled by a herd of elephants.

In the evening, after the herd of elephants left, the ant colony returned to their home. They gather together.

“This cannot be tolerated. If it continues like this, a herd of elephants might control our place,” protested one of the ants.

All ants agree.

“Ah! What if we talk nicely with them? If that doesn’t work, then we attack them,” the ant colony chief said.

All ants are stunned. How could their small body be able to fight the big elephants? But, the head of the ant colony managed to convince the colony. The ant colony also devised a plan to defeat the herd of elephants.

The next day, the herd of elephants returned. The head of the ant colony is blocking, about to speak nicely. Unfortunately, elephants do not want to. Finally, the ant colony attacks the herd of elephants.

Ant colonies attack the insides of the elephants, like their trunks and ears. The outer skin of elephants is hard, but not their inner skin. When the ants bite into the inner skin, all the elephants are in pain and fall.

At that moment, the herd of elephants realized that although small, ants cannot be underestimated. The proof, now they lose against ants.

Moral message from the fable children’s story: Ants and elephants are friends, who look small, not mean strong. So, don’t ever underestimate other people. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

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