Fairy Tales of the Mouse Deer Naughty Children and Arrogant Pigs

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One day, there lived a very fat pig. The pig is very strong, its mouth is very sharp and long fangs. The Pig is the King of the jungle.

The pig is very feared by other animals. there is not a single star that can fight it. The power of a pig is so great that no animal can defeat it. Because of his strength, he became the Pig King. However, he was very arrogant and arrogant.

One day, he was walking and passing other animals. He paused and said. ‘Who dares to fight me?’ ’

Hear the challenge of the Pig King. All the animals that were there were silent. They were very scared, no one dared to answer. The Pig King also showed his strength by pushing the mango tree in front of him so that it fell. The Pig King is very happy because no one can fight him.

At the time the King of Pigs boasted. Suddenly, the Mouse Deer arrived.

‘Hey, you little animal! Where have you been? ‘Asked the Pig King.

‘’ I was walking for fresh air. ’’ Answered the Mouse Deer.

‘Why don’t you invite me?’ Asked the Pig King.

‘’ I prefer to take a walk alone, why would I invite you? ’’ He answered.

Hearing the answer of the Mouse Deer, the Pig King was rather offended. He didn’t expect the little animal to dare to talk like that. Though so far no animal can fight it.

” What do you say? Don’t you know that I’m the King of the jungle? I was very scared here ” he said in an angry tone.

‘’ Why should I be afraid of you? The power you have is the same as the power they have! ‘’ Answered the Mouse Deer casually.

Hearing the hare again, made the Pig King even angrier. His anger can no longer stand.

‘’ You stupid little animal! it looks like I’m very hungry and I see your meat is very delicious. ” Said the Pig King angrily.

‘’ Do you want my flesh? Alright, but on one condition! You must defeat me in a match that we will do tomorrow! Tomorrow we will compete, who is stronger, if you are the winner, you may eat my flesh. But, if I win, you must submit to me! ” He challenged.

‘’ Haha, pretty good your suggestion is hey little animal ’’ Answered the pig approving the challenge.

All animals returned to their homes. They were very impatient waiting for tomorrow to see the match between the Little Pig King and Little Mouse Deer.

A few days ago, Mouse Deer made a mask that looked like him. The mask is made of very hardwood. The mask is very similar to his face so that anyone who sees it will not know that he is wearing a mask, including the Pig King. In the evening, Mouse Deer rested to propose his strength.

Morning has arrived, the awaited time arrived. All animals have gathered at the competition venue. They were very impatient watching a very rare match. They started cheering when the Pig King arrived. Not long after, the Mouse Deer arrived.

The audience cheered and applause from all the audience. After being given the cue by the Elephant. Finally, start the match. The Pig King began to growl and capture the Mouse Deer. However, the Mouse Deer is very strange, he did not avoid the capture of the Pig King.

Mouse Deer began to be thrown several times by ramming the Pig King. Mouse Deer immediately rise again and again. While the pig’s snout feels pain because the hare’s head is very heavy. Feeling curious the King of Pigs butting again. Mouse Deer was thrown again, but he immediately got up and went back to challenge him.

Over time, the Pig King’s snout was injured here and there. While the Mouse Deer is still fresh. However, because the snout felt very painful, he was no longer able to continue the match.

Finally, mouse deer is the winner. The Pig King also admitted his defeat and admitted that the Mouse Deer was stronger than him

The moral message from the Fairy Tale of the Mouse Deer, the Naughty Boy, and the Piggy Cock is to brag about what we have done in vain because there must be others who are more than us in many ways. When someone starts bragging, he will be reminded of God that he has many weaknesses. Another message is to use your mind and ingenuity to overcome problems

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