Folklore Tales of Elephants and a Group of Ants

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Folklore Tales of Elephants and a Group of Ants


One day, cool elephants walking along the river. He also felt tired and decided to rest under a tree. Its large body makes the branch it rests on lean. Elephants do not know if in the tree there is a group of ants looking for food.


Finally, the group of ants fell right into the elephant’s head and entered his ear.

The elephant realizes that there is something in his head, he immediately stands up and wags his ear and trunk. Meanwhile, the Ants are very panicked and frightened. They did not know what was happening and tried to find a way out. However, the footsteps of the Ant are heard very loudly by the Elephant. Elephants are firmer ears and trunks.

‘Hey, who’s in my ear? Come out, you guys! ” Asked the Elephant.

‘’ I am an Ant, please calm down Elephant. I and my friends are trying to get out of your ears. ” Replied the Ant.

After a while, the group of ants managed to get out.

‘Hey Ant! What are you doing? You guys have harmed me. I will reply to you guys. ” Said the Elephant angry.

However, a group of ants doesn’t understand what elephants say.

Gajah ’Elephant, this is not just my fault. This is your fault too if you had not leaned your body against the branches of this tree, my friends and I would not have fallen into your ears. ‘The Ant said defensively.

“We can’t, I’m still the one who has been harmed!” Said Elephant not wanting to lose


Suddenly, Kancil arrived. He saw the incident from a distance and mediate both.

‘’ Friends, you are both harmed. This happened because of an accident! You better make peace and forget this little matter. Do not let your friendship be damaged because of trivial things and no one wants to budge. ” Said Mouse Deer.

Hearing this, the Elephants and the Ants were silent.

‘’ That’s right what Kancil said. Let’s forget about this problem, I represent my friends apologizing to you. ” Said one of the Ants.

‘Yes, Ants. I’m sorry for you too. I shouldn’t behave like this just because of a trivial matter. ” Said Elephant

Mouse Deer also feels very happy to see the two friends peacefully with each other. it is very pleasant if all things can be resolved by deliberation, not using violence.

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