Safari Blue + Lunch

The full-day beach adventures with a combination of fun and activities. The excursion starts at the fishing village in the island’s southwest corner, which is an ideal starting point for exploration. The bay has several beautiful uninhabited islands and sandbanks and is frequented by humpback and bottlenose dolphins. After snorkeling, we offer fresh green coconuts before we move to a desert island for lunch. During the morning, our catering boat has gone on ahead to prepare lunch, which is served on teak picnic tables set up beneath the shade of some tamarind trees. Lunch is a traditional Zanzibar meal and includes a selection of seafood. A gastronomic fruit tasting follows with a selection of between 10 to 15 different tropical fruits. Cold drinks are available throughout the day, including mineral water, sodas, and beer. Coffee and Amarula liqueur are also served after lunch. Toilets are available on the island. When the tide allows, we visit a beautiful mangrove lagoon where it is possible to swim through the mangrove forest.