Leopard Feeding and Game Drive

The game drive is concluded by a drive deep into the mountainous area of the reserve, where you constantly have to keep your eyes quenched and fingers crossed to spot a zebra grazing steadily against the side of a mountain along with other antelope and if you are lucky a giraffe. We then come to a brief stop just at the foot of a mountain, looking up and seeing only a tiny road that, from the onset, can be confused with a hiking trail or path leading to the top of the mountain. Here, the local guide from the reserve briefs us on a few safety tips, such as keeping hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, making sure to buckle up and hold on to the hand grips provided, as we then slowly attempt to climb the small trail which is in actual sense a clear two-wheel road, what seems to be 45’angle that is surrounded by a breathtaking and mesmerizing view to the top. This part of the activity provides every individual with a different yet all the same feeling of wonder and awe because the higher we go, the more precise the road to the top is, and the broader your view of mountain tops and vast green fields behind you is enlarged. It would give the artistic mind the perfect idea for a living room painting. As the guide brings us slowly and gradually to the top, one can’t help but smile as the reminders of life quotes saying, “don’t stop until you’ve reached the top” start to all come back to you.

As we slowly reach the top after a brief 5-7 minute climb, you are sucked into sight a clear 360” view of mountains and plains as far as the eye can see. If the guide is generous, allowing you to use his binoculars, you can see the small town of Okahandja in the distance. While you take in the vast and spectacular canvas in front of you, the guide sets up a sundowner table, and you can grab a cheese and salami cocktail while sipping on G&T or a glass of White wine, just allowing yourself to be absorbed by the majestically raw and uncut beauty of nature’s canvas. The idea of all of this is to give you a break away from the constant rush and loudness of the city to experience a treat and blend of vast untouched scenery and wildlife. Just before it falls dark ultimately, we get back on the
vehicle for a slow drive back to the reception to return to the city just in time for dinner.