Materuni Waterfalls and Coffee Plantation Day Trip (Add-on Tanzania)

Take a day trip to the beautiful waterfalls of Materuni and go for a swim in the clear pool at its feet. After the hike back you can visit the nearby village and learn about the craft of local coffee-making and enjoy a local Chagga meal. Refreshing!

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A tour of Materuni Village and Waterfalls is a great way to spend the day. The walk to Materuni Waterfall offers a glimpse into the nature of Tanzania allowing you either to prepare your body for the forthcoming climb to Kilimanjaro or ease your muscles after the climb.

The tour starts with a walk to Materuni Waterfall. It is an opportunity to see how local fruits like avocados, mangos, lemons, and bananas grow, as well as learn some of the local history, traditions, village economy, and agricultural and cultural way of life. When you get to the waterfalls, you can refresh yourself in the natural pool, so swimsuits will come in handy!

The tour will continue with a visit to the local village in the coffee plantations. The villagers will demonstrate the process of coffee farming and guide you through the preparation of coffee from a bean to a steaming hot cup of delicious coffee. Sing and dance along with the Chagga people as they grind, roast, and boil the beans. When the coffee is ready, villagers will serve lunch – a national Chagga meal. 

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Moshi, TZ
6:44 am, October 14, 2023
clear sky
Wind: 2 mph
Pressure: 1016 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 6:11 am
Sunset: 6:21 pm

Materuni Waterfalls is a unique and beautiful destination that offers a range of experiences, from adventure to relaxation, culture to nature. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

  • A great day trip that fits in well with longer travel plans.
  • Immerse yourself in nature and have a real chagga cultural experience. 

Materuni Waterfalls is known for its stunning natural beauty, surrounded by lush vegetation and towering trees. The waterfall itself is a sight to behold, cascading down from a height of over 70 meters. The journey to Materuni Waterfalls is an adventure in itself, involving a hike through coffee plantations and dense forest. The trek takes around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your fitness level. Materuni Waterfalls is located in the heart of coffee country, and this travel plan includes a visit to a local coffee farm, where you can learn about the coffee-making process and even taste some of the locally grown beans. The area around Materuni Waterfalls is home to the Chagga people, who have a rich cultural heritage. Visiting the area provides an opportunity to learn about their way of life, including their traditional clothing, food, and customs. After the hike to the waterfall, you can relax and take a refreshing dip in the cool pool at the base of the waterfall. It’s the perfect way to cool off after a long hike and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

What do I need to know about the Materuni Waterfalls?

Materuni Waterfalls is a beautiful waterfall located in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation and is known for its stunning views and refreshing swimming area.

How do I get to Materuni Waterfalls?

Materuni Waterfalls is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Moshi, Tanzania. You will take a private car or join a tour to get there.

What should I bring on a day trip to Materuni Waterfalls?

You should bring comfortable clothing suitable for warm weather, sturdy walking shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, sunglasses, a camera or binoculars, and a swimsuit if you plan to swim.

Is there a hiking trail to the Materuni Waterfalls?

Yes, there is a hiking trail to the Materuni Waterfalls. The trail is about 2 kilometers long and takes about 40 minutes to walk.

Can I swim in the Materuni Waterfalls?

Yes, swimming is allowed in the Materuni Waterfalls. The water is clear and refreshing, but it can be quite cold.

Are there any other activities to do at Materuni Waterfalls?

Yes, in addition to hiking and swimming, you can also take a coffee tour to learn about the local coffee farming process.

Do I need a guide for a day trip to Materuni Waterfalls?

While a guide is not required, it is recommended to have a local guide to show you around and share the history and culture of the area.

Is it safe to visit Materuni Waterfalls?

Yes, it is generally safe to visit Materuni Waterfalls. However, taking precautions against mosquito bites and avoiding drinking untreated water is recommended.

Included in the price:

  • Transfer from Moshi and back to your hotel
  • Entry ticket
  • Guided tour at the coffee plantation, waterfalls, and local village
  • Lunch
  • Soft drinks and water

Excluded from the price:

  • Tips for the guide (optional but recommended)

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