Princess Flower Planter Fairy

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 - fairy tale

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who likes to plant roses. The king loved him very much. Unfortunately, the witch does not like the princess, because the princess is more beautiful than him. He also cursed the princess.

“The princess will sleep forever if she is pierced by a rose thorn,” was the curse of the witch.

From then on, the king forbade his daughter to plant roses. All the rose plants in the princess’s garden were destroyed.

Of course, it makes the princess feel very sad. For days, he locked himself in a room. He wept over his ravaged rose flower garden.

The princess has a stubborn temper. Although prohibited, he was still looking for rose seeds to plant. After a long search, he finally found a black rose seedling. However, it is located on a hill. With difficulty, the princess managed to take the seeds.

The princess then planted the seed in a pot in her room, so that the king would not find out. However, without realizing it, the king learned of the princess’s plans.

The king intends to take the rose. Dear, late king. The rose seeds had grown, and the princess’s hand had been pierced by the thorns. When the king wanted to prevent, the princess was unconscious.

The king is sad. Now, he must find a way so that his daughter can get up again.

“Whoever can heal my daughter, I will give an abundant gift,” said the king, giving a contest to all residents.

Residents trying to find a cure for the princess. But, nothing works. Until a fairy came to meet the king.

“Lord, if you want the princess to wake up, you must plant a black rose. You must care for and love the rose. If you take care of it, the tree will flower quickly. However, if you are not serious “Then the tree will never bloom. The rose can wake the princess,” explained the fairy.

“Where can I get the flower?” asked the king.

“The flowering tree is only on the hill,” answered the fairy.

The king immediately searched for himself the flower tree. Olala, the trip is not easy. Full of danger. The king immediately realized that his daughter loved the flower. The proof, his daughter was able to take the rose first.

After a hard journey, the king finally succeeded. The king went home and took care of the flower painstakingly. After a while, the king’s earnest reaps the rewards. The flower tree blooms. The king immediately picked the first flower.

The rose is then sprinkled on the princess’s body. Olala, sure enough, the fragrant scent of the rose awakens the princess. The princess woke up from her sleep, and all the curses disappeared. The kingdom was once again filled with roses.

The moral message of the Flower Plant Princess Fairy Tale is to be serious in trying, to get what you want.

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