The Fairy Tale of the Mouse Deer and the Elephant

Monday, September 9th, 2019 - fairy tale

This time’s fairy tale tells the story of the clever deer who is again tricking the vengeful elephant. As a result of his endless grudge, the elephant finally got hurt. Are younger siblings curious about the story of this Kancil child? Let’s follow the story to the end.

A collection of fairy tales of the hare and elephant
One day, the Elephant was looking for a mouse deer. He was very angry with the small animals that made sense because he was often lied to by Mouse Deer and always made the Elephant embarrassed in front of other animals.

With a very angry feeling, Gajah continues to search and search every day. Every animal is constantly questioned by them. However, every animal he encountered only shook his head. They had no idea where the deer was. Even elephants never give up looking for the mouse deer. Elephant’s anger is getting bigger.

One day, the air was very hot. All animals are looking for fresh fruits to eat. The same for the clever deer. Finally, the Elephant can find where the Mouse Deer is.

‘’ Hey you, cunning little animal! Where are you going to run to now? ‘Shouted the Elephant and stuck out its trunk to catch the Mouse Deer.

Mouse Deer was very surprised to see the Elephant in front of him. Mouse Deer continues to look for opportunities to escape. However, the opportunity was very small, he continued to look for ways to save himself.

Because very surprised, the Mouse Deer just sat down resignedly. He paused, then opened his mouth.

“Save me Elephant, I’m very surprised by your sudden arrival.”

‘’ I have been looking for you for a long time, but I have never been able to find you. I never thought I could finally find you here. Because you have found me, I will kill you. ” Threatens the Elephant.

The big animal began to wag its long trunk and was ready to catch the lying, hare deer.

‘’Forgive me Elephant, just this once. I have a very important news story for you. I will tell you everything. However, you must not rush to kill me. ” Said Mouse Deer.

‘’ What is the very important news? What would you say is important to me? Tell me immediately, before you kill me! ’’ Ask the Elephant.

” Elephant, I feel very upset and angry, because there is an animal that now wants to challenge your greatness. ” Said the Mouse Deer showing resentment.

” Who do you mean? Asked the elephant.

“According to the news, in this forest, there will be a commotion and will defeat you.”

‘Then?’ ‘Asked the Elephant whose anger began to obey.

‘’ If you don’t mind, let me search for someone who has dared to challenge you Elephant and bring it here. After that, please kill me anytime. ” Answered the Mouse Deer sadly.

The elephant began to be pensive for a moment. He thought seriously about the story of the Mouse Deer

“So, when are you ready, will I kill you?” Asked the elephant.

‘Yes. However, I only asked for one night. After I can find it and bring it before you. I am ready to be killed. ” Answered Mouse Deer calmly.

‘’ Alright, this is the last time I can trust you. Tomorrow afternoon, I will wait in this place, do you understand? ’’ Ask the Elephant the last chance for the cunning little animal.

The next day, before noon arrived. The elephant is waiting at the promised place. The elephant is easily lied to with the sweet words of the Mouse Deer, he waits for Kancil’s presence eagerly to kill him. However, Mouse Deer deliberately arrived late. He knows the habits of the elephant who does not like the hot air.

Finally, Mouse Deer arrived at that place. However, he brought an army of red ants who deliberately brought him to kill the elephant. Elephants waited very long and fell asleep under the tree.

The Mouse Deer smiled, the plan will run smoothly. Within minutes the Red Ants army had entered the elephant’s ear. The ants eat away at the elephant’s brain. So that the large-bodied animal rolled around in pain and eventually died with its unfulfilled revenge.

The moral message from a collection of fairy tales, the hare and elephant, is that revenge will only hurt oneself. Forgiveness is a noble quality that will bring happiness.

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