Island Adventures in Africa

The allure of Zanzibar is timeless and will leave astonished and mesmerized. Bursting with fascinating culture, incredible history, and natural beauty, it’s 15 miles from the Tanzanian coast — a perfect way to end your East African adventure.

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Scuba dive off the coast of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean, swim in the waterfalls of Marangu, or leap into the sunset at Lake Chala. It’s all about the magic of water. At World Adventures Tours, we help you get started on your Island adventures journey as we search, plan, and advise you on the best travel plans. Why not combine a safari and beach trip to Kenya and finish in the hidden gem of Diani beach? No visit to Tanzania is complete without a luxurious trip to the Zanzibar Islands, “Africa’s tropical paradise.” The Island offers the world’s most beautiful Hotels, coral reefs, and miles of white sandy beaches, surrounded by clear blue Indian Ocean water. Discover the wonders of Zanzibar Island and experience its exquisiteness! Explore its colorful cultural history and natural beauty. Visit Prisoner Island, walk around the fragrant spice farms, and go on the Stone Town City tour. During an island adventure, you’ll also get to experience beautiful nature. Visit Jozani Forest and the Fukuchani caves. Swim with dolphins and turtles in the beautiful blue lagoons. Relax by the beach, and enjoy delicious cuisine in the middle of the ocean. Join us and explore, discover, and experience the most incredible adventures with World Adventures Tours – travel globally and book locally.

How does it work?

We have a great network of local guides, agents and hotels, run by people who know their destinations and all their secrets in a way that we can only dream of. Why not let them plan your trip? Travel globally but book locally.

We search out the best local travel companies

We search out and find local, often small, travel companies that have the know-how necessary to make your adventure special. We look for companies with a strong connection to the places that you want to visit and with a passion for making your travels remarkable.

We offer different adventure plans for you to choose from

Our local partners have an amazing assortment of adventures to choose from. Out of these we pick out only the best ones. All the adventure you see here are tried and tested by people we trust.

Choose your adventure and enjoy it

Now it’s all up to you. When you have made up your mind, your plan will be sent to us and we will confirm the details with our local partners and calculate the price. We will then send it back to you for your approval.  When you like everything you see, we will make your booking and off you go.